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The purpose of Naturopathy is to reinstate complete health by discovering the underlying origin of your condition and to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, using supported remedies within a Naturopathy framework. Naturopathy uses the leading components from many fields. These principles are thousands of years old and the integration and practice of these modalities including but not limited to Western and Eastern Herbalism, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Blood Microscopy and Iridology, which allows for flexibility in practice and multiple treatment options that can be chosen and tailored to suit individual needs.

Benefits of Naturopathy Treatment

An Ancient Science

Maintaining your health is the essence for a long and happy life.  Your body has a built in ability to recover from illness when it is at its optimal strength and in balance.  If your body is struggling with its balance, Naturopathic treatment supports, encourages and helps recover that balance so that you are able to self-heal and create a wholesome environment within.


Meet Your Naturopath

Tia Brennan

Tia Brennan knows the Art of Healing, which covers far more that simply dispensing vitamin supplements.  Tia considers the overall view of your body, which is an intricate, interconnected system.  Feeling unwell, tired, moody, allergies or in pain are sign/s that part of your system is not functioning at its best.

Using Naturopathic, Iridology techniques and possibly allergy testing, Tia, as your Naturopath, will identify the root cause of your problem and treat that cause/s rather than improving the symptom/s.  Treating symptoms rather than the underlying problem creates an endless cycle to stay ahead of the cause  – hence, it becomes one problem after another. Treat the cause not the symptom.


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