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Benefits of Naturopathy Treatment

Maintaining your health is the essence for a long and happy life.  Your body has a built in ability to recover from illness when it is at its optimal strength and in balance.  If your body is struggling with its balance, Naturopathic treatment supports, encourages and helps recover that balance so that you are able to self-heal and create a wholesome environment within.
Another way to think about this is to picture your body being composed of millions of engines.  They are on call twenty-four hours a day.  If we do not give these engines the correct fuel or the fuel is of poor grade than they will eventually stop as they are not maintained correctly. Nutrients are our body’s fuel.  When we do not give our body the proper nutrients it starts to fail.  The problem in today’s society is that we do not get enough nutrients from our ‘modern day diet’ and most times we need to supplement to create the ideal environment.
There are many common conditions that are caused by a breakdown of this maintenance that can be helped or corrected by a Naturopath, these include:

Stressed Woman

Energy & Stress

Adrenal Fatigue/stress
Chronic Fatigue syndrome
Sleep disturbance

Osteopath at Work


Back, Neck and Joint Pain
Migraine and Headache

Natural Medicine


Stomach disorders
Food Allergies
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Ulcerative Colitis
Weight Management
Candida/Yeast Overgrowth
Heart Burn
Hormonal and Chemical disorders

Natural Medicine





Hormonal imbalance



Skin Allergies

Skin Disorders



Neuro transmitting

Weight Loss

Naturopathy treatment for weight loss is very beneficial and supportive. Weight loss is sometimes a struggle and there could be underlying causes that prohibit the weight from being released. Tia has strategies and supplements that support a client’s weight loss journey. This can make weight loss a reality.


Trouble falling pregnant? Have hormonal issues? PMT? PCOS? Tia can provide you with a Naturopathic solution to help correct hormonal imbalances in your body, designed to restore your natural fertility and bring your body back into balance and rhythm. Naturopathy for fertility can also help in providing your body with the correct vitamins and minerals that your newborn baby needs to have the best start in life.

Staying Well

Prevention is better than a cure. Tia, as your Naturopath takes care of you even when you are well!
Think of Naturopathy as a maintenance ritual. Preserving your optimal level of health is extremely important and also easier than waiting until something goes wrong. Checking for problems before they become serious, maintaining nutrition and increasing your immunity are all very manageable and Tia is there to help and guide you on a right path.


Nutrition is the key component to your health and also an important part of Naturopathy. Good nutrition can rectify many medical conditions with less complications or side effects.
You may eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, but due to age, digestive or other factors, you may not be absorbing enough of the vital nutrients required.