Brown Eye Closeup


Iridology and its link to Naturopathy

Iridology is based on the concept that the iris reflects what is happening throughout your body via nerve conduction and neural pathways that are reflected through the eye from all parts of your body to your brain. It is alternative method that is successfully used to analyse a whole person’s health status by interpreting the colours and pigmentation markings, components, shapes, ring, fibres, structure and lines within the eyes. The Sclera of the eyes can also be noted. Iridologists can assess the person’s health not only in the physical, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well, which creates a unique, individualized image of the person. Readings in Iridology can not only reveal a person’s general health, but can also reveal energy quotients, inflammation, injury, chemical imbalances, toxins, life transitions and subconscious tensions. The eyes can also reveal the person’s inherited weaknesses and can alert to situations that could possibly arise. Iridology works hand in hand with Naturopathy, as Iridology shows where imbalances are within the body sometimes far earlier than where major symptoms are exposed i.e. weakness in disposition. This gives natural therapies a chance to help the body to self-heal rather than to fix a problem chemically, which sometimes sacrifices other parts of your body to heal the disease or imbalance. Iridology combined with Naturopathy can be used as a preventative tool. Iridology reveals what organs and part of the body are struggling, Naturopathy provides the body with tools to help fix it before it becomes too much of a problem.
Iridology is an invaluable tool that supports Naturopathy and encourages healthy outlook and a brighter, better future.