Tools utilised during treatments

Eye Close Up


Iridology is based on the concept that the iris reflects what is happening throughout your body via nerve conduction and neural pathways that are reflected through the eye from all parts of your body to your brain. It is alternative method that is successfully used to analyse a whole person’s health status by interpreting the colours and pigmentation markings, components, shapes, ring, fibres, structure and lines within the eyes. The Sclera of the eyes can also be noted.

Brushing Hair

Hair Analysis

Is a safe and non-invasive pathology test that measures the levels of good and bad minerals found in hair. This analysis is used if Tia thinks that the client has been exposed to toxic levels of heavy metals or if any minerals that the body needs to function at a high level are lacking.

Medicinal Herbs

Live Blood Analysis (Dark Field and Light Field Microscopy)

This is the study of the components of live blood. Naturopaths trained in this treatment tool believe that it is great way to analyse the overall health status of the individual.
It is not a diagnostic tool, but, a screening tool to allow qualified practitioners an insight into the clients overall health. Allowing the practitioner to ask pertinent questions to what may be contributing to the body being out of balance, to help find the driver for dis-ease.

Healthy Salad

Food Intolerance Testing

The complex way food affects our everyday lives is an emerging area of understanding, and diagnosing the cause of symptoms which seem to be ‘unexplained’ is often difficult.