What to Expect

Your Naturopath uses natural therapies that work together with the body. With a focus on far less side effects or bad reactions than your everyday, modern Western medicine.  These treatments may include dietary recommendations, the use of nutritional and herbal medicine, supplements or homeopathy to heal your body on all levels – physical and mentally.
Therapies suggested or employed by your Naturopath may include guidance on your diet, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, herbal remedies, vitamin supplements, homeopathy and homeopathic medicine and tactile therapies, such as Bowen Technique, Acupuncture/ Acupressure, Colon cleansing, Live Blood analysis or Osteopathic/Chiropractic/ General Practitioner referrals.
Additional tests or pathology testing may be suggested.
Naturopathic Therapies are prescribed to treat your unique, individual health requirements and include that best choice of treatments from all fields of medicine.  Treating, once again, your whole body rather than treating the affected area or symptom.

Medicinal Herbs

Naturopath = naturopathic therapies = good health, sound mind, energy for life.