Rosemary Sprig

Naturopathic Medicine Explained

The purpose of Naturopathy is to reinstate complete health by discovering the underlying origin of your condition and to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself, using supported remedies within a Naturopathy framework.

Naturopathy uses the leading components from many fields. These principles are thousands of years old and the integration and practice of these modalities including but not limited to Western and Eastern Herbalism, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Blood Microscopy and Iridology, which allows for flexibility in practice and multiple treatment options that can be chosen and tailored to suit individual needs.

A happy, healthy body works in a balanced state.  A Naturopath attends to the underlying cause/s of your health problem/s that throws out that balanced state.  A Naturopath treats the foundational cause not the current symptom.  In another form, Naturopathy’s underpinning principle is the basic understanding that all illness must have a cause and for health to be restored and optimized the cause or causes of the dis-eased state must be identified and removed.  In this sense, the symptoms are indicators of disharmony and unbalance.  Whilst a Naturopath can and does offer symptomatic treatments, they understand that in order to restore health these signs and symptoms are giving clues as to what the underlying driver is. Once this has been ascertained, a Naturopath is better equipped to “heal” this driver for dis-ease. At times conventional medicine treats symptoms and often suppresses dis-eased states.  This method does little to identify and treat the underlying cause, therefore the body does not get a real chance to recover and heal – it is always in overload, trying to find that balance.  Increased interest in complimentary medicine within the Naturopathic world has been attributed to a decline in faith in the previously unquestioned power of modern medicine.  The importance of understanding your body, healing and eliminating toxic overload and unbalance is now being welcomed as an integral part of society and way of life.

Naturopathy is defined as a system of therapeutics in which neither surgical or chemicals, with the source of treatment placed only on natural remedies, minerals, vitamins, herbs and nutrients.

Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treating the whole person, not just the affected area.