Live Blood Analysis

(Dark Field and Light Field Microscopy)

This is the study of the components of live blood. Naturopaths trained in this treatment tool believe that it is great way to analyse the overall health status of the individual.

It is not a diagnostic tool, but, a screening tool to allow qualified practitioners an insight into the clients overall health. Allowing the practitioner to ask pertinent questions to what may be contributing to the body being out of balance, to help find the driver for dis-ease.

 A tiny drop of blood is collected onto a microscope slide via a finger prick , to be examined.

Things that the Naturopath may look for are the size, shape and mobility/activity and presence/count of red blood cells or white blood cells. Some other substances that may be of relevance are platelets and how they “clump” together.

The blood is displayed on a screen so that at all times the client is able to see the blood and discuss this with the practitioner. This allows the client to notice if and when changes occur as they start to make some of the changes suggested by their practitioner.

Disclaimer: Live Blood Microscopy is used purely as a screening tool. Blood microscopy is not a diagnostic tool. It is important to note that other pathology testing and examination by a physician is required for any diagnosis to be made.

Rosemary Sprig